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Randy Patterson represents the badass within all of us. Unrelenting, unshakeable and unapologetic; yet soft, approachable and relatable.

Randy is a Matriarch, but that hasn’t always been the case. She worked long and hard to change her life and become the woman she is today. Randy’s journey took her from an insecure and broken girl, to an empowered CEO of a multi-million-dollar startup.

She fought tooth and nail through homelessness and low self-esteem to earn her space, it was her tenacious spirit that got her here, and it’s her “nothing will stop her” attitude that keeps her going.

Because she believes that women are valuable and the work they do is credible, Randy Patterson’s battle cry is above all else, Own Your Power and Charge Your Worth!


As the author of The Matriarch Rules, Randy Patterson inspires readers to dig deep and step into their rightful roles as Matriarchs.

What is a Matriarch you ask?

A Matriarch is a woman who is vibrant, she’s focused and determined in every aspect of her life. She is bold, confident, a woman of power. When she walks into a room, people immediately take notice. She approaches everything in her life with the same fierceness and passion. She doesn’t make excuses and she doesn’t let life get in her way. A Matriarch knows exactly what she wants, and she knows she has the power to bring it to fruition.

In the book, The Matriarch Rules, Randy gives readers the “Rules” to becoming the Matriarch she knows lives within every woman. They are the rules she herself followed to go from a powerless, shattered, homeless and hopeless girl to the empowered, vivacious business woman, wife, and mother she is today.

Through her personal setbacks and triumphs, Randy gets vulnerable and shows her audience that history doesn’t have to repeat itself any longer and that taking deliberate life-changing actions sets you up for success and enables you to lead the life you always wanted.

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Curriculum Writing

Randy has penned and published several full course curricula for birth workers, she has created business resources and templates that have contributed to the success of others, including co-creating materials that contribute to erasing social ignorance, and has a blog prowess that keeps her closely involved with her growing global membership.

Randy, help us create course curriculum!

Copywriting for Websites

Randy has authored more than 75 websites for new businesses and entrepreneurs. She prides herself on her ability to write captivating marketing content that stimulates visitors to engage in services.

Randy, write my web copy!


With blatant truths that emancipate, Randy imprints her message, “Own Your Power and Charge Your Worth” on the hearts, minds and esteem of her largely female dominated audiences. With attention-commanding looks and a powerful stage presence, Randy creates explosive energy that leaves audiences feeling affirmed, inspired and revived.

Randy speaks on a variety of topics relating to birth and parenting, business development, sales and marketing, and personal topics such as self-esteem, communication and confidence. As an international speaker, Randy connects on a deep level with each individual, whether in small intimate settings or center stage with groups of 2,500+.

With inspiration flowing generously, attendees find within them the motivation to reach their goals and elevate their thinking; they feel equipped to finally take the actions that will lead them to success.

If your organization seeks to engage and empower members, employees, colleagues and guests, the speaker for your next event must be none other than the badass Matriarch, Randy Patterson.

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Randy has built an empire consulting for individuals, partners and teams seeking to start and grow their businesses. Her ability to expand on an entrepreneur’s vision and develop strategies that exceed goals has resulted in her being sought after by large global companies and organizations.

Randy sees solutions where others see problems and she uses her ability to ask meaningful and thought-provoking questions to help her clients clearly see the next steps. Randy believes that when her clients are empowered with the “CST-Trifecta” (Confidence, Systems and Tools) all things are possible in business and in life. Randy offers advice, creates success formulas specific to each client’s needs, and brainstorms with entrepreneurs and their teams to produce results that far exceed expectations. Business plan writing, brand development, marketing, lead conversion, time management, search engine optimization, improving conversion rates and client communication are just some of the topics related to Randy’s expertise.

Through private one-on-one consulting via video conference call or in-person for larger teams, Randy will enable confidence, develop easy to navigate systems, and provide the necessary tools and resources that you and your team need to thrive.

Since 2009, Randy has consulted for more than 600 businesses and entrepreneurs seeking success. Randy’s greatest strength is enabling others to see theirs.

Randy, take me to the next level!


Randy Patterson, life-long entrepreneur is the co-founder and CEO of ProDoula, a multi-million dollar startup focused on educating and empowering individuals in the birth and business spheres. As a philanthropist and activist, she has fought to legitimize and monetize what is traditionally thought of as “women’s work” and frequently speaks to women’s groups on this important subject. Her work has been featured in Slate, Swaay, Buzzfeed, Motto, Parade and The New York Times among others.

ProDoula CEO, Randy Patterson